Sweet Williams Farm

Established 2017

Sugar and Cream (our first goats at Sweet Williams Farm)

Sugar and Cream (our first goats at Sweet Williams Farm)


It all started when…

Little did we know that a trip to the Jasper, GA Tractor Supply to pick up chicken feed for our pet chickens would be the beginnings of an adventure that would bring us down a new career path.  As we stepped out of the pickup truck with our chicken supplies list in hand, we noticed an array of local farmers with tents, tables and cages filled with happy clucking and crowing poultry.  Curious as to if we needed any new fluffy chicks for our small flock of egg layers, we walked through the row of happy farmers who were all eager to share stories of their farms and birds.  As I slowly took account of all the many choices of feathered adorableness to choose from, I heard a small “baaaa” down the row.  As we neared a much larger cage, I bent down and peered inside and my heart melted.  Inside the crate were three precious little baby goats.  That day we left not only with our intended chicken feed, but also with a fluffy frizzled chicken and two adorable little goats who sat at my feet in the floorboard all the way home who we named Cream and Sugar.


At first we thought goats would be nice to have on the farm for clearing the brush across our ten acre homestead.  We added a few more goats to our herd and started milking the does and making goat milk products for our home.  George and I love the personalities of our sweet herd and the dairy products we were making.  I am lactose intolerant and the goat milk doesn’t hurt my stomach like cow milk.  George and I both have sensitive skin and have to be very careful of the skin products we use, so we started creating unscented soap from the goat milk with minimal natural ingredients and it has helped tremendously with our skin issues.  George’s eczema has improved and my rosacea outbreaks are less. 


From the joys of watching the fun antics of the goats, to the creation of the products from their milk, we decided it was time to turn our hobby farm into a dairy business.  Doing much research on the variety of breeds available, visiting other dairy farms and talking to other farmers, we decided our dairy registered herd would be Saanen goats.  We recently picked up our first registered baby Saanen girls and are looking forward to watching them grow up to be our future milkers.  During the time that our girls are growing and maturing, our barn will also be growing and maturing into the dairy operation we have envisioned. 


We are excited to expand our farm and our products and we hope you’ll follow us in our journey.


Jill & George