Our History

Sugar and Cream (our first goat’s at Sweet Williams Farm)

Sugar and Cream (our first goat’s at Sweet Williams Farm)


It all started when…

Little did we know that we’d start a new career path on the spring day in 2017 we stopped by the Jasper, GA Tractor Supply to buy chicken feed for our pet chickens. The parking lot was filled with tables and tents of local farmers selling their feathered farm critters. We walked through and saw the fluffy poultry pecking at grains in their cages and were surrounded by the sounds of happy clucks and rooster crows. As I gazed into the cages to see if I needed a new feathered friend on our farm, I heard a baaaa sound a little further down. I squatted down to pear into the cage with the non-chicken noises and there snuggled adorably together were 3 baby goats. My heart melted and that day we left not only with our sack of chicken feed, but also a fluffy feathered chick, and 2 goats.

After our first goats, we decided to add more of these precious caprine to our homestead. George and I both absolutely adored the fun personalities of the goats. After having our unregistered fun starter herd, and our first experiences at milking and making goat milk products for ourselves, we decided it was time to take a different approach to our fun hobby and turn it into a full working farm with registered high milk producing goats.

After much research on the different dairy breeds, and visiting and speaking with other dairy goat farmers, we decided Saanen dairy goats were our preferred breed for our emerging dairy operation.

We currently have a variety of goat milk soaps we create with minimal ingredients and will in the near future have a variety of other dairy goat milk products available.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Jill and George